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(A1-, A1+, A2-) 9
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(B2-, B2+) 15
(C1, C2) 17
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  • “I've started using it with my 2 little girls and they seem to be having FUN!”
    Maguerite F.
    Secrétaire de direction, France
  • “The structure is so user-friendly and it really helped me and my staff to progress in communication.”
    Katalin P.
    Indian & Chinese tour operator, Hungary
  • “English in Turkey is essential but really hard to learn. With wordigs, I found it easy to develop my vocabulary and I’m now using it to help me communicate in my job.”
    Ibrahim A.
    Engineering consultant, Turkey
  • “Teaching vocabulary has always been my concern in class. With wordigs, I managed to engage my students into an attractive and fun way of learning vocabulary.”
    Nelson M.
    Coordinator of Language Studies, Spain

Frequently Asked Questions

  • To whom is wordigs addressed?

    Wordigs is aimed at students, of all levels and ages, who are learning English as a foreign/second language and wish to enrich their English Vocabulary, in order to successfully meet the modern knowledge requirements of the English Language.
    Moreover, it is addressed to every Teacher and Educational Institution that wishes to integrate an innovative tool of learning the English Vocabulary in their teaching method.

  • Is an internet connection necessary for wordigs to work?

    Yes, both individual learning and online gaming of wordigs require the connection of your device to the Internet.

  • Which devices can be connected to wordigs?

    Wordigs can be easily and quickly accessed from all devices with an Internet Browser (PC, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone) directly to your account, so that you can do your exercise anytime, anyplace.

  • How do I purchase a Premium package?

    You first need to sign-up in wordigs and create your personal student account, using a valid email address.
    Then, simply, go to “Go Premium” and choose the package that best addresses your needs.

  • Which payment methods are acceptable?

    You can purchase a wordigs package via credit card, debit card or Paypal. All payment methods are secured with SSL certificate.


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