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  • Know-it

    Learn English words related to particular themes! Play multiple-choice Quizzes, find out what your vocabulary can do for you.

  • Spell-it

    Write it right! Listen to the audio recording, use the clue and spell English terms and phrases with ease.

  • Live Game

    Have fun competing! Join in real-time vocabulary Quizzes to play with friends and people worldwide.

  • Learning with Teacher

    Connect with your teacher and receive vocabulary exercises that address your personal English needs.

  • Rich Content

    10 Levels (CEF) of more than 18,000 English terms and phrases, aided by acoustic and visual content.


English Vocabulary for all ages!

English has become the global communication language of all cultures, industries and nations as a whole. With wordigs, everyone can achieve English excellence and develop their personal and professional life.


So, are you a Teacher?

Discover how to make your life simpler! Create your teaching material with ease, take the hassle out of marking, receive detailed performance reports directly from your students to your wordigs inbox.

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English vocabulary learning is fun!

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