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wordigs, the new vocabulary tool!

05.11.2015 | wordigs News
wordigs, the new vocabulary tool!

Cogniturn, an innovative leader in the Educational Technology field, presents wordigs, an interactive online tool for the Learning and Teaching of English vocabulary.

Wordigs has been developed in cooperation with highly-experienced teachers of the English Language, as well as those with internet development expertise.

Wordigs comprises of 10 Educational Levels, in accordance with the "Common European Framework", with more than 26.000 English words and phrases available. This educational vocabulary tool is more dynamic because of the online gaming access, thus, inviting students to compete with other students of their own level and allowing them to level-up.

Discover for yourself the multiple possibilities of this tool, such as Personal Training, Real-time Online Gaming and Interactive teaching, as wordigs covers all the educational needs of both Students and Teachers of English and is a very useful key vocabulary tool for all Linguistic Institutions.

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