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Cogniturn participates in Erasmus+ programme

15.11.2016 | wordigs News
Cogniturn participates in Erasmus+ programme

Alongside many competitors, Cogniturn, with their wordigs innovative vocabulary tool for linguistic platforms and ESOL vocabulary training, won the approval of the ERASMUS+ scheme.

Cogniturn with 7 other participating partners from a total of 6 European countries (UK, GR, ES, IR, BG and BE ), those being Schools, NGOs, Consultants, European Youth Centres, Platform of Pan-European organisations and research centres have come together to develop "world@words". This is an innovative online Business English vocabulary tool targeting youth who wish to fortify their competitive advantage, in addition to learning business English and to promote their entrepreneurial mind-sets, whilst acquiring skills and competence that will aid them in their future goals.

The objective of the "World@words" project is to promote linguistic skills for non-native speakers and to foster their thentrepreneurial mind-set.

The tools available will also target teachers of Business English that are looking for an efficient, interactive way to teach Business English Vocabulary online. In "world@words", the young have the ability to learn and enhance their vocabulary skills, in accordance with their level in English or several other languages.

The "World@words" project will run from 1st of October 2016 and will end on the 31st of January 2019.

For more info, contact one of our experts at hello@wordigs.com